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   Burchett Reunion, Humansville, 9 Sep 1934

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  Marion C. Early Senior Class--1929

Row 2-1st person from left is Lorraine “Daisy” Dixon (05 May 1911– 16 Jul 1993) ;

 Row 3-3rd person from left: Jesse Mabel Robertson (15 Aug 1911—22 Feb 1996);

Information from J.R. Smith  jrsmith at, idenifies the 1929 senior class as:  Thanks J.R.

First Row:
Oma E. Alexander; Tom Cossins; Gertrude Scroggins; Meloin Alexander; Willa Lee Ruyle; Flora Lee White
Second Row:
Daisy L. Dixon; Loreta G. Wright; Mary Lillian Guthrie;  Verda Renfro[teacher]; Wilma Jane Smith; [my aunt] Mary Evelyn Bellinger; Roxi Hickman
Third Row:
Vivian J. Scheuler; UNKNOWN; Jessie Robertson; Tala Mae Pittman; Mary Marie Matthuas; Nellie Noble ??;



Program - Marion C. Early HS - 1929,  the photo and program were among the

personal items of my Aunt Jesse Robertson. 
Contributed by: Jan Lowry   homemaker_1127 /at\

  Found in our DeRossett family possessions.  Other surnames associated with this family include: Appleby, Clark, DeGraffenreid, Fugate, McCoy, Rainey. Maybe someone will recognize these children.

Contributed by: Jan Lowry   homemaker_1127 /at\


    Dunnegan Hotel - Any information appreciated.

   Vine Hill School, Humansville, MO, 1904. 
X marks the McCarthy children.

Vine Hill School, Humansville, MO,  1912. 

Florence McCarthy—1st row 2nd from Right (plaid dress)

VINE HILL SCHOOL, year unknown

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