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Amos Richardson was Born october the 30th 1791.

Nancy Richardson was born in the year of our lord Febrary the 7th 1798. Married Sep 6, 1813.

Job Richardson was born July 28 Eighteen hundred and fourteen.

Daniel Richardson was born in the year of our lord 1815 July the 22th died March 1816.

Clayton Richardson was born in the year of our lord 1817 January 12th.

Nancy Richardson was Born october the 28th 1818.

Clary Richardson was Born September the 22 - 1820.

Jackson Richardson was born December 22th 1822.

Preston B. Richardson was born March the 4th 1824.

Richard M. Richardson was born March 24th 1826

Morgan Richardson was born November 11th 1827.

Benjamin F. Richardson was born April 2 second 1829. dyed Nov 15th 1846.

Mary Richardson was born March 15th 1831.

Thomas Richardson July the 9th 1833.

Pheriba Richardson was born Febuary 6th 1836.

James M. Richardson was born Febuary 25th 1841.


Georgeanne was born July 26th 1878. (Entry is difficult to read)




Amos Richardson Nancy Hinton was Maried September the 6th 1813.


Amos Richardson Carrie Lewy was Married January the 28th 1872.


Zunie Lillian Richardson was born April 22nd 1883. (Entered on wrong page)




James M. Richardson died Nov the 27th 1862.

Jackson Richardson died the 8th Nov 1862.

Amos L. Richardson died october 22nd 1862 grandson.


Nancy Richardson died April 18th 1864.

Amos Richardson deceast this life May 10, 1875.


Zunie L. Richardson died August the 29, 1883 aged 4 months and 7 days.

Pheribea Richardson Reins April 6, 1915 age 74 yr. 2 mo.



The following photos are of the Amos Richardson (1791-1878) & Nancy Hinton (1798-1864) Bible. They were early settlers of Polk County, MO, and were buried on their farmland in the Richardson Cemetery. They had fourteen children. All of their children were born in Franklin County, MO, except the youngest, James M. Richardson (1841-1862) who was born in Polk Co. He is also buried in the family cemetery. James and his brothers Preston (1824-1908), and Jackson (1822-1862) served with the Union during the Civil War. Their brother Thomas served with the Confederacy and was never heard from again.

These photographs were taken by Leland V. Starkey (1907-1999) of Norfolk, VA. He was always eager to share what information he had on the families of Polk County. At that time the Bible was in the custody of Bess Nunn of Humansville. I don't know who owns the Bible now. - Fonda D. Baselt.




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