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HOOK, Morris M., and VAUGHN, Sarah E., at the residence of G. L. WILSON, M.G., 29 Nov. 1874, in the presence of Tennessee HOOK and Mary WILSON. (Book C, Page 24). (The marriage record indicates one of the witnesses to be Miss Mary WILSON. The minister performing the ceremony to be G. L. WILSON. G. L. WILSON married Miss Mary HOOK, and we believe this should read Mrs. Mary WILSON was a witness to said ceremony. Also, in the marriage record the surname is spelled WILLSON throughout, but it should be WILSON).[CH]

COATS, Newton M.  m. Frances Islein DAVIS - 19 July 1874 by J.E.B. JUSTICE, A Baptist Minister  [PS]

DOTSON, James A.  m. Mary E. MALICOAT - 10 Aug 1874 Isaac ROUTH, O.M.G.  [PS]

DOTSON, Robert R.  m. Mandy YOUNG - 4 Oct 1874 C. S. WOOD, licensed Minister of the Baptist Church  [PS]

, Thomas B.  m. Matilda L. MALLACOAT - 3 Oct 1875 by Daniel KEEN, J.P. [PS]

, John Wesley  - Sarah Parthena RUSSELL on Sept. 17, 1876-[BHD]

STUART, William and Mary Jane CHOAT, 01 Oct 1876, by William Johnson, recorded 04 Dec 1876 by A. J. Sower. Bk. C, p 81--[DS]

FULBRIGHT, Leander Elias  - Minerva Ann DEAN,  19 Aug 1877 at Bolivar-[BB]

William A. PENLEY of Bates Co., MO m. Mary E. COATS - 2 Oct 1877 by A. Y. BRANDENBURY, J.P.  [PS]

PATTERSON, Robert C.  m. Mary L. COATS - 14 Nov 187x by D. R. BON(?), J.P. [PS]

GRIFFIN, Samuel Andrew - Aurelia Viola CHANDLER, 26 July 1877, Bk C, p 1 [KS]

, David Thomas  m. Cordia Alice WHITE, 31 Mar 1878, Bk C, p 136 [BHD]

, John W. and RYON, Miss Nancy P. (should be Ryan), at the bride's residence in Polk Co., 9 June 1878 in the presence of George WILSON and M. HOOK. (Book C, Page 146). (In the marriage record index the surname of the bride appears to be RYAN, while in the marriage record itself it appears to be RYON. RYAN is correct).[CH]

, Morris M. and ROBERTSON, Miss Lucy E., at the residence of G. L. WILSON, M.G., on Mar. 2, 1879, in the presence of William HOOKand George WILSON. (Book C, Page 171). (In the marriage record index the name of the bride appears to be Lucy E. ROBERTSON, while in the marriage record itself it appears to be Lucy E. ROBARTSON). ROBERTSON is the correct spelling. (Book C, Page 171).[CH]
BUCKNER, Alta L., , and PAYNE, James F., m/11 Dec. 1879 at the residence of G. W. BUCKNER, by Peter HOPPER, J. P. Witnesses: John H. PAYNE, JR., and John BURNS. (Book C, Page 204)[CH]
BUCKNER, George W., and RUTHERFORD, Lucinda C., m/July 1, 1880, at the residence of George W. JUMP, J. P. Witnesses: Henry FARMER and Acquilla FARMER. (Book C, Page 228).[CH]

Polk County Missouri microfiche (pg 28,749 and 750)
WEESE, John md. WELCH, Sarah on 10/5/1876[DG]

, Martha A. md. WARTHEM, John on 10/29/1876[DG]

, Joseph md. HENSON, Rebecca Ann on 12/15/1876[DG]

, Rufus md. MARGUS, Lucinda on 12/21/1876[DG]

, Rachel md. HARRIS, Andre? J. on 2/6/1879[DG]

, Mary J. md. WELSH, William B. on 7/3/1887[DG]

, Matilda md. SAWYERS, Andrew J. on 9/6/1881[DG]

, Sarah A. md. RENTFROW, Peter on 9/28/1882[DG]

, Joseph md. GREGG, Rebecca on 10/20/1882[DG]


, Arthur W. - Susan Belle POTTER, 4 Feb 1877, Bk D, p 22[KS]

, Parilea M. T. and WILSON, H. F. (Bud), 13 Jan. 1878, by D. R. BOND, J.P. (Book D, Page 29).[CH]

, Viola L., and LIST, A. N., m/23 June 1881 by Charles G. McMahan, Minister. (Book D, Page 48).[CH]

, John Wesley - Mollie M. CLEVELAND, 8 Feb 1879, Bk D, p 56, W. S. Hubbard, MG[KS]

GRIFFIN, John Wesley and Emily S. MITCHELL 24 July 1881 (Bk.E pg 3)[DB]

HOOD, Amos Lafayette "Fate" and Drucilla F. HAWKINS, 17 June 1882, Humansville, Father of bride Robert Hawkins gave consent. (Bk. E, p 167)[AMC]

HOOK, Sarah Elizabeth of of Morrisville, Polk County, under age 18, and HAWKINS, Henry H. (commonly known as Hiram or Harmon Hawkins), of Orleans, Polk Co., 4 Feb. 1883, by G. L. WILSON, M.G. (Book E, Page 131). Bride's father (William H. Hook) consented February 3, 1883.[CH]

BUCKNER, Permelia D., of Polk, under age 18, and TOWE, Thomas C., of Polk, over age 21. John A. BUCKNER, father of Permelia D. BUCKNER gave consent. License dated March 13, 1883. (Book E, Page 151). [CH]

HOOK, John W., or Orleans, Polk Co., over 21, and Sarah E. RYAN of Orleans, Polk Co., age 18, 29 April 1883 (Book E, Page 153). (There is some confusion whether they married the 28th or the 29th of April. Probably the license was the 28th and they married the 29th).[CH]

STOKES, John and Eliza HAWKINS 31 Aug 1883, Bk. E, p 190 [AMC]

HOOK, Hagar C(leopatra) (she later went by the name of Oppy, and is buried under that given name), of Morrisville, under 18, and INCE, John, of Orleans, under 21,at William Hook's on 16 Mar. 1884, by G. L. Wilson, M.G. (Oppy was the daughter of Wm. H. Hook). (Book E, Page 239). Amanda Ince, mother of John Ince and William H. Hook, father of Hager C. Hook, both consented. (License15 March 1884; married 16 Mar. 1884).[CH]

HOOK, Melvina C(aroline?) of Morrisville, over 18, and HURST, William P., , of Bolivar, over 21,at the bride's father's in Polk Co., 30 Oct. 1884, by G. L. Wilson, M.G. (NOTE: In the marriage record index the name of the groom appeared to be William P. HURST, however in the marriage record itself it appears to be William P. HUNT. The groom's surname is HURST). (Book E, Page 285).[CH]


BOND,William Benjamin and Louesa Adelvia WILLEY 15 Jan 1885[DB]

MORRIS, James Francis  - Eliza Ethel WHITNEY; 22 Feb 1885, at Burns-[BB]

HUTCHISON, William and Elizabeth GRIFFIN 7 April 1885 (Bk.F pg 19)[DB]

BOX, Samuel and Annie R. LOONEY 17 May 1885 (Bk.F,pg 19)[DB]

DAVIS, J. M. and Joanna KIRBY 6 Sept 1885 (Bk.F, pg 32)[DB]

WILSON, Artie, of Wishart, Polk Co., over 18, and Daniel COMBS of Wichard, over 21, m/9 Nov. 1885 by William H. HOOK, M.G. at the residence of the bride. (Book F, Page 48).[CH]

HOOK, John W., of Morrisville, over age 21, and AKRIDGE, Mary A.(nna), of Wishart, over age of 18. License 13 January 1886. (Book F, Page 76) Marriage 14 January 1886 by William H. HOOK. (There may be some confusion as to whether marriage was performed on the 14th or the 15th).[CH]

HOOK, John A. of Walnut Grove, Greene Co., over 21, and Nancy Jane
, of Walnut Grove, Greene Co., over 18. License 22 February 1886. Marriage 25 Feb. 1886. (Book F, Page 86).[CH]

BUCKNER, James C., of Bolivar, under 21, and WEBB, Emma of Bolivar, under 18. George W. BUCKNER, father of James C. BUCKNER, and Kate WEBB, mother of Emma WEBB, have each given their consent to said marriage. License dated Jun 8, 1886. Marriage performed Jun 8, 1886, by PETER HOPPER, J.P., at the bride's residence, Polk County. (Book F, Page 110).[CH]

STEWART, John T. of Pleasant Hope and Melvina COLVARD of Pleasant Hope md. 20 Jul 1886 by Jno. W. Ross, JP.  Bride under age, consent give by her father, W. G. COLVARD[DS]

HOOK, A. M., of Aldrich, Polk Co., under 21, and ROBSON, Nellie, of Aldrich, Polk Co., under 18, m/17 Sept. 1887 by William H. HOOK, M.C. (Book F., Page 215). LAWSON, MARY T. (this is Mary Tabitha Wilson, who m/2 Alfred B. RICHARD S. "Dick" HOOK, m/2 George E. CUMLEY, and m/3 Joseph Wright LAWSON. She was the daughter of Robert Wilson and Mariah S. (or Mariah Malinda) COPELAND.) Groom's name is either ALFRED MARION or MARION ALFRED.[CH]

BUCKNER, Lucinda C., of Louisburg, Dallas Co., Mo., over age 18, and SPEAR, F. M., of Louisburg, Dallas Co., Mo. License 8 June 1888 at Bolivar. Marriage performed the 10th day of June 1888, by S. F. FOSTER, J. P. (Book F, Page 273).[CH]

HOOK, John F(ranklin), under 21, and REED, Martha M. of Wishart, under 18, on 25 Nov. 1881 by William H. HOOK at the residence of Alfred STEVENS. (Book F, Page 318). The consents of John F. HOOK and Martha M. REED both signed in the recorder's office.[CH]

JACKSON, Thomas J.  to  Belle CLARK, 28 Mar 1889,  page 359[PH]

Perry Frances and Alice Grace McLINN, 7 Apr 1889, Bk. F, p 362, Father of groom, Robt. N. Hawkins gave consent. [AMC]

Jacob L., of Polk, under age 21, and FRANKLIN, Sarah E., of Urbana, over age 18. J.A. BUCKNER, father of Jacob L. BUCKNER gave his consent in person. Marriage performed 26 May 1889, by T. C. KINSLOW, J.P. Book F, Page 370)[JR]

SLATTON, John H. L. Greene Co., MO m. Sarah E. COATS - 20 Sep 1886 by D. M. Dickerson, J.P. (book?)[PS]

APPLEBY,  Homer O. to Lucy J. WATSON, - license 11 Feb 1890, married 13 Feb 1890 recorded 19 Feb 1890, page 439[JR]


DAVIS, John C. and Sarah Louella Narcissus HAWKINS, 26 Apr 1891, Bk. G, p 63 [AMC]

John E. to Anna L. APPLEBY, issued 23 Jun 1891, married 25 Jun 1891, recorded 1 July 1891, page 73 [JR]

BUCKNER, Matilda L. of Polk, over 18, and HOPE, James A., of Polk, over 21; license 9 Oct. 1891. Married 11 Oct. 1891 by T. F. SUNANDS of Rondo, apparently at the home of A. J. BUCKNER. (Book G, Page 101)[CH]

BUCKNER, Mary, of Bolivar, over age 18, to KITT, Benjamin F., of Bolivar, over age over 21, license 29 Oct. 1891; Married 29 Oct. 1891 by L. M. TILLER, Judge of the Probate Court.[CH]

GRIFFIN, Arthur W. - Mary J. NEEDHAM, 28 Jan 1892, Bk G, p 136 [KS]

GADDIE, William A and Miss Maggie M. WORIS were married at the residence of Dr. RAMEZ in Bolivar, Polk County, MO, on Feb 23, 1892, by CS McKINNEY.  Recorded,  Mar 4, 1892  Book G, page 141 [PB]

BAILEY, John M.  to Nellie G. SMITH on 22 Sept 1892, Bk. G, p 193 [FL]

GRIFFIN, Elijah Milton - Cora Ann EDDY 22 Dec 1892, Bk G, p 229 [KS]

HOOK, Morris G., of Burns, Polk Co., under 21, and LAWSON, Sarah O., of Burns, Polk Co., under 18, at J. R. Lawson's on 2 April 1893, by D, O, Brockus, M.G. Parents of both give consent in writing. License dated 1 April 1893, married 2 April 1893. (Book G, Page 261).[CH]

BUCKNER, Laura M., of Rondo, over 18, and McKINNEY, Chas. W., of Sentinel Prairie, under age 21. License issued by written consent of the father of CHAS. W. McKINNEY. License dated Jan. 13, 1894. Marriage Jan. 14, 1894, by J. W. Spilman, M.G. (Book G, Page 333).[CH]

PEDIGO, George Walter and  PHILLIPS, Tollis Ada,  married 23 February 1894.[RTS]

BUCKNER, G. W., of Polk, over age 21, and PURSLEY, Sappronia of Bolivar, over age 18. License 14 Feb. 1895. Marriage performed 14 February 1895 by A. D. POWERS, J.P. (Book G, Page 437).[CH]


BUCKNER, Dollie, of Polk, over age 18, and BIRDSONG, James, of Polk, over age 21. License 10 September 1895. Marriage performed 11 Sept. 1895, by James PAYNE, J. P. (Book H, Page 24).[CH]

BUCKNER, Alexander N., of Bolivar, over age 21, and BUCKNER, Julia E., of Adonis, under age 18. J. F. BUCKNER, father of JULIA E. BUCKNER, gives consent in writing. License 6 April 1896. Marriage performed 8 April 1896 by T. M. F. MEAD (MEED?), M.G. (Book H, Page 98).[CH}

WILSON, Robert R. of Wishart, Polk Co., over 21, and Miss Laura COSSINS of Wishart, Polk Co., m/9 Dec. 1896, by William H. HOOK, M.G.[CH]

GRIFFIN, Ophelia Armentis - JOHNSON, James R. , 2 Feb 1897, Bk H, p 195

HAWKINS, Henry Clay and Maude M. McLINN, 14 Feb 1897, Bk H, p 193


GRISHAM,  William J. m. Sarah A. DOTSON - 22 Sep 1898 by A. C. Bradley (M.G.) [PS]

BUCKNER, Maggie, of Adonis, under age 18, and PERRY, Arthur, of Adonis, under age 21. W. H. PERRY, father of ARTHUR PERRY gave consent in writing, and J. F. BUCKNER, father of Maggie BUCKNER, gave consent in writing. License 13 November 1897. Married 14th day of November, 1897, by James INGLIS, J.P. (Book I, Page 45).[CH]

BUCKNER, George M. of Bolivar, over 21, and MISS Mertie M. DAVIS of Rondo, over 18. License July 2, 1898. Marriage performed July 3, 1898, by B. F. CHAMBERLAIN, Minister. (Book I, Page 117).[CH]

BUCKNER, Andrew J., of Sentinel Prairie, over 21, and POPE, Martha, of Polk, over age 18. License Feb. 25, 1899. Marriage performed Feb. 26, 1899 by J. W. SPILMAN, Minister, apparently at the home of E. W. ZUMWALT. (Book I, Page 204).[CH]

GORDEN, Andrew Jefferson  - Julia Belle FULBRIGHT; 9 Apr 1899--[BB]

BUCKNER, John M., of Seneca, Nemaha Co., Ks., over 21, and SPILLMAN, Rosa E. of Huron, over age 18. License June 27, 1899. Married 28 June 1899, by J. H. STINECIPHEN of Buffalo, Mo., apparently at the home of REV. J. W. SPILLMAN. (Book I, Page 231)[CH]

GRIFFIN, Buell Wesley - TRIMBLE, Mary Ella, 20 Aug 1899,Bk. I, p 240[KS]

BUCKNER, Dollie, of Sentinel, under age 18, and CAPEHART, Edward, of Sentinel, over age 21. A. J. BUCKNER, father of DOLLIE BUCKNER gave his consent in writing. License 18 Nov. 1899. Married 19 Nov. 1899, by P. C. KINSLOW, J. P., apparently at the home of A. J. BUCKNER. (Book I, Page 274).[CH]

HOOK, John F. (Franklin), of Aldrich, over 21, and WITT, Rosa C., of Aldrich, under 18, 17 Feb. 1900 by William H. HOOK, M.G., apparently at the residence of James WITT. Martha WITT, mother of Rosa C. WITT, gave her consent in writing. (Book I, Page 315)[CH]

HOOK, Myrtle, of Wishart, Polk Co., over 18, and SKINNER, Charley, over age 21, m/11 March 1900 at the residence of the bride by William H. HOOK, M.G. (Book I, Page 325).[CH]

HOOK, Morris M., of Wishart, Polk Co., over 21, and Miss Laura I. KELLEY of Violet, over 18. License 1 Sept. 1900; married 2 Sept. 1900. (Book I, Page 359). This was Morris Hook's third marriage.[CH]

HOOK, Charles A., under 21, and SKINNER, Austie, of Aldridge, Polk Co., under 18. Morris M. HOOK, father of Charles A. HOOK and J. M. SKINNER, father of Austie SKINNER, gave written soncents. License 22 Nov. 1900; married 25 Nov. 1900 at the residence of the bride's parents, by William H. HOOK, M. C. (Book I, Page 388) (I believe the given name of Austie's father was Jeremiah). [CH]

HOOK, Corintha Ann, of Wishart, Polk Co., and LEE, Andrew C. of Aldridge, Polk Co., (over age 21). License 10 Aug. 1901; married 11 August 1901 at the residence of William H. HOOK, by William H. HOOK, M.G. (Andrew C. Lee was known in the family as Ace Lee) Bk. I, p 461[CH]


John P. CHAPMAN to Allie Sarah BURDETT on 3 Nov 1901, [LSM]

HAWKINS, James Living and Lizzie BREWLEY, 25 Dec 1901 (Bk J, p 30)[AMC]

DIXON, Floyd J. -   HAMILTON, N. Anna,    25 Dec 1902     (Bk J, p 139)    [AJS]

ROWETON, King David  - Lydia Florence FULBRIGHT; 10 Jan 1904--[BB]

HENSON, Mary Elenora  m. William Homer BROWN July 16, 1905 (Bk J, p 391)[BHD]  Mother of Groom, Mrs Lucinda Cansler gave concent.

HENSON, John Thomas  m. Lillie GALLIVAN on Aug. 30, 1905, (Bk J, p 399)[BHD] 

ROWAN, Austin E.  -  NEILL, Mamie E.  on 19 Oct 1905    (Bk J, p 417)    [AJS]

HENSON, William Leonard  m. Etta GALLIVAN, Oct. 22,1905.(Bk. J, p 419)[BHD]
   (Father Daniel Gallivan gave consent)

HENSON, Artie Ardella  m. Charley UTLEY on Feb. 26, 1906 (Book?) [BHD]


PICKERING, John Henry and Rosa HAWKINS, 22 June 1906, (Bk. K, p 16) [AMC]

HAWKINS, Edward B. and Dona SHERIFF, 4 July 1906 (Bk K, p 11) [AMC]

FULBRIGHT, Newell Franklin  - Etta Francis ROWETON; 24 Feb 1907
at Bolivar--[BB]

MORRIS, Claude Ray  - Belle ABLE; 21 Apr 1907--[BB]

MORRIS, Lee Oma  - Georgia FROST; 8 Dec 1907, by Rev. Jesse Cheek at Violet-[BB]

FULBRIGHT, Henry Narce  - Maud Norene MOFFITT; 8 Jan 1909--[BB]

HENSON, Agnes  m. Elax Cleveland KEECH, Aug. 1, 1909(BK ?) [BHD]

HAWKINS, William R. and Nannie HINES, 5 Aug 1906 (Bk, K,p 21) [AMC]

DAVISON, Edmund Otto  - Bertha BATTREALL,   22 May 1910, at Halfway-[BB]   


 Kratochvil, Vaclav  and Agnes C Horky

State of Missouri, County of Polk.  This license authorizes any Judge of a Court of Record or Justice of the Peace, or any Licensed or Ordained Preacher of the Gospel, who is a citizen of the United States or who is a resident of and Pastor of any Church in this State to Solemnize Marriage between Vencel Kratochvil of Bolivar in the County of Polk and State of Missouri who is over the age of twenty-one years; and Miss Agnes Korky of Bolivar in the County of Polk and State of Missouri who is over the age of eighteen years.  Witness my hand as Recorder of Deeds, with the seal of office hereto affixed, at my office in Bolivar this 25 day of January 1912.  By Hugh Matheny Deputy.  A.P. Mitchell, Recorder of Deeds.
State of Missouri, County of Polk.  This is to certify that the undersigned a Catholic Clergyman did at Karlin, Missouri in said County, on the 30th day of January A.D. 1912 unite in Marriage the above-named persons.  And I further certify that I am legally qualified under the laws of the Sate of Missouri to solemnize Marriages.  Rev. C. J. Francka.  The foregoing Certificate of Marriage was filed for record in my office on the 1 day of February A.D. 1912.  By Hugh Matheny Deputy.  A.P. Mitchell, Recorder of Deeds.  Recorded in  (Bk L,  p, 91)  , January 30, 1912.
However, the names should read Vaclav Kratochvil and Agnes C Horky.  [MF]

HARRIS, Joseph Sirmath to Nancy Elizabeth HITE at Bolivar, June 11, 1913, Father H B HITE gave consent  (Bk L, p 230)  [AB]

HENSON, Hobart  m. Annie RINCE July 2, 1915, (Book ?) [BHD] 


BROWN, John Richard  - Sarah Lucinda HENSON,   May 3, 1916, (Bk. ?)  [BGD]

FULBRIGHT, Charles Aaron  (1st marriage) - Georgie BATTREALL; 3 Dec 1916 at Bolivar--[BB]  (Book ?)

 Homer C., and Lula BOX 3 Dec 1916 (Bk.M pg 72)[DB]

Samuel Henry and Revia Edell SMITH July 4, 1917 by Judge P. T. Harman Bk. M, p 110 [NCG]


HOOK, Augustus (Mitchell), over 21, and WILSON, Georgie (Georgia Frances), under 21, 23 Sept. 1922, by Luther McREYNOLDS, Baptist Minister. (Book N, Page 76) (Father of Georgia gave his consent--he was George Thomas WILSON.[CH] Charles Aaron FULBRIGHT (2nd marriage) - Bessie Jane DAVISON 28 Jan 1923 at Bolivar--[BB]   (Book ??)

SHULER, George L.  and Lucile DAVIS 3 Aug 1923 (Bk.N pg 143)[DB]

ROWAN, Howard C. -    DIXON, W. Inez on  4 Jul 1928   Bk O, p 56  [AJS]

MORRIS, James Brooks  - Golden HOLT; 17 Mar 1932, at Bolivar--[BB]

MORRIS, Arlie Dea  - Margie Marie McINTOSH; 21 Apr 1933, at Bolivar-[BB]

CARSON, Oren Henry  - Thelma Fern MORRIS; 2 Oct 1938, at Halfway--[BB]

MORRIS, Robert Leon  - Edna Maxine VINCENT; 28 Dec 1947, at Halfway-[BB]

SHADWICK, George Lewis  - Inez Pearl MORRIS; 7 May 1950, at Halfway--[BB]

MORRIS, Bobbie Lee  - Beverly Jean FARMER; 6 Apr 1951, at Goodson-[BB]

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