Polk County, Missouri


These Family Groups Sheets show families who lived in, or passed through, Polk County. 
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BLACK, James Lafayette Jackson James Broome
BRONAUGH, James Thomas Cindy Kennedy
BRONAUGH, Thomas Cindy Kennedy
BRONAUGH, Thomas Benton Cindy Kennedy
BRONAUGH, William Newton Cindy Kennedy
BUTLER, James Robert Marie Figueroa
BUTLER, William Henry Marie Figueroa                  
BUTLER, William J Marie Figueroa
CAMPBELL, Matthew G. Leta Gass
CHURCHMAN, George Richard Cathy Neil Rakoczy
CLARK, Alexander H Jan Lowry
COMBS, William Franklin Deena Cross
CONLEY, Robert Franklin Ollie Blakley
COWDEN, Robert Blackburn            Lisa Hale
COWDEN, Robert P, III Lisa Hale
CRAWFORD, James Meek Steve Crawford
CRAWFORD, Samuel Sherman Steve Crawford
CUNNINGHAM, James C Jean Flood
DAVIS, Anderson Deena Cross
deGRAFFENRIED, William Tscharner Cathy Neil Rakoczy
DEROSSETT, James H Jan Lowry
DEROSSETT, John Jan Lowry
DEROSSETT, William Daniel Jan Lowry
DICKINSON, Brennan A Barbara Dickinson
DIXON, Michael \Mikel\ Donald J Dixon
EAGON, John Thomas Paige Edwards
EASTBURN, Walter Willard Ruth Eastburn
EDWARDS, William  (1) Andrea Eaton
EDWARDS, William  (2)       Andrea Eaton
ELLISON, Alexander D Lisa Hale
ERWIN, John A Delena Dexter
ERWIN, John Thomas Delena Dexter
EVANS, Thomas Christina (Evans) Hirt
FAULKNER, Samuel Jones Cara Russell
FOX, Asa Milford Michael Fox
GAINER, William Benjamin Shelia Ivanoff
GORDON, Jasper Kathleen Gordon Vargas
GRIFFIN, George W., Dr. Kay Griffin Snow
GRIFFIN, Samuel Houston Jeannine Dorothy
HASH, Thomas Fielding Andrea Eaton
HASH, William Alvin Andrea Eaton
HENSON, Eli DeWayne Erwin
HEYDON, Elmer Frank Lyla Jensen
HEYDON, James Lyla Jensen
HEYDON, Leonard Leachman "Samp" Lyla Jensen
HEYDON, William Lyla Jensen
HOBBS, James Marsha Vedder
HOBBS, Silas Austin, Sr Dolores L Hall- Nimmo
JOHN, Cephas Day Rich Clingman
JONES, Nathan Paige Edwards
JONES, William Cecil Paige Edwards
KADEL, Johann Adam Alishia Norman
KILLINGSWORTH, William A Maureen Ryon
LaMAR, Edmond Albert Katie O'Ferrall
McINTOSH, Collin Kay Griffin Snow
McKENZIE, Clint Woods Lea Hula
MILLER, John Sean Miller
MORRIS, James Francis Cara Russell
MYERS, John Donna Gammon
NEAL, Thomas Fletcher Janet Tate
NEIL, Landon Clayton Sr Kathy Taylor Stewart
NEIL, Landon Clayton Jr Kathy Taylor Stewart
PARROTT, Henry Cara Russell
PHILLIPS, Flours Emory Delena Dexter
PHILLIPS, John Andrew Delena Dexter
PHILLIPS, John James Delena Dexter
PHILLIPS, William Monroe Delena Dexter
POWELL, McKendra Cheryl Bowden
PRICE, Thomas Hansford Janet C Moyer
REEVES, James Coleman Ben Reeves
RINCK, Thomas Jefferson Mary Rink Harbinson
ROBERTSON, Benjamin Franklin Jan Lowry
ROBERTSON, Clois Allen Jan Lowry
ROBERTSON, Harvey Jan Lowry
ROBERTSON, Harvey Lafayette Jan Lowry
SAWYERS, Lewis Adam Sherri Durmis
SAWYERS, Monroe Barbara Fabian Ramirez
SELL, Arthur Rollen Evelyn Sell O'Dell
SELL, Rolen Evelyn Sell O'Dell
SLAGLE, James Preston Evelyn Sell O'Dell
SMITH, William Henderson Fred Sherman
SPIDELL, John Daniel Kay Guynes
TAFT, George Kirk Paige Edwards
TAFT, James Madison Paige Edwards
TAYLOR, Levi Kathy Taylor Stewart
TRAIN, Harry Durkee Dyanne K Neff
TUCK, Joseph Charles Clayton Hutchins
WELCH, Barnet Ken Lewis
WELSH, Jeremiah Ken Lewis
WELSH, Joseph E Ken Lewis
WHEELER, Henderson S Gorden
WHEELER, James S Gorden
WHITE, John Dyanne K Neff
WILCOX, Erasmus Darwin LuAnn Riddoch
WILLIAMS, William B Verla Williams Gregory
WRIGHT, John Joyce Gore Locke
WRIGHT, William J. Kay Griffin Snow
TYGART, Thomas H Robert Patterson


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