Located about 2 ½ Miles West of Huron in Section 1-T34-R23 Polk County, Missouri

Copied: July 4, 1969 By: Raymond and Charlene Hook

1. MOORE, A. G., husband of R. A.

b. 25 Aug. 1821

d. 28 Nov. 1893


father of GEORGE T. MOORE)

2. MOORE, Ruth A., wife of A. G.

a. 11 Jan. 1831

a. 17 Jan. 1899

(NOTE: Her maiden surname was RUTH A WILLIAMS)

2. MOORE, George T.

a. 27 Jan. 1872

b. 13 July 1941

(NOTE: MARY ROACH, the wife of GEORGE T. MOORE, is


2. BARKER, Manervey

a. 8 Feb. 1841

b. 23 Feb. 1843

Daughter of MARY and WM. L. BAKER

2. ROSS, John Lewis


a. 9 Dec. 1846

b. 19 Sept. 1857

2. MOORE, Joseph B.

a. 1 March 1856

b. 16 July 1915 - Age 59 Yrs., 4 Mos., 15 Days

(NOTE: JOSEPH B. is a bother of GEORGE T., No. 3 above)

2. MOORE, Sarah A.

a. 26 April 1858

b. 2 Dec. 1896

(NOTE: Her maiden surname was BEWLEY)

2. MOORE, John A.

a. 24 Nov. 1854

b. 18 Mar. 1894

Aged 39 Years, 3 Months, 24 Days

(NOTE: JOHN A. is a brother of GEO. T., #3 above)

2. MOORE, Ruth A.,

Dau. of J. A. & S. A. MOORE

a. 4 Nov. 1878

b. 22 Jan. 1879

NOTES: At the time these inscriptions were copied there were at least 13 graves marked with only field stones. The old MOORE homestead was standing about ¼ mile south of this cemetery.

A descendant of the MOORE family advised us on July 4, 1969, that there were two children by the surname of KELLER buried in this cemetery; either two or four HENSON children, and two old maids by the name of POWELL -- (all in unmarked graves).

She also advised that one grave by the fence is that of a man whose identity was unknown. He was traveling through the area and died.

She also advised that JOSEPH MOORE's wife, ALICE, is buried in the grave next JOSEPH. We found no marker for her.

GEORGE T. MOORE had a twin sister, who died at birth.

GEORGE MOORE's son GUY married EFFIE MAE (BEA) WILSON, aunt of RAYMOND M. (JACK) HOOK on his maternal line. This is NOT of the same WILSON line as those who intermarried so much with the HOOK family in Polk County.

The family advised that GEORGE MOORE was the father of BELLE, daughter of LAURA ISABEL KELLEY, who became the third wife of MORRIS MITCHELL HOOK. BELLE married JESS EIDSON and spent most, if not all, of her adult life in the State of Washington.

Thanks to Charlene Hook for sharing this information.

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