by Fonda D. Baselt
This cemetery is located in Johnson Township about 1-1/2 miles northwest of Flemington 
(NW-1/4 Section 12, Township 35, Range 24). In 1979, the cemetery was in poor condition 
and not accessible by car. Cecil Crawford, of Weaubleau, took us to the cemetery which 
was overgrown with tall grass. He carried a snake stick, knife, and anti-venom. Due to the 
age of the stones and the difficulty in reading them, the dates should be verified with 
church and death records when possible. There is an adjoining slave cemetery, but no 
stones were located.  Traces of an old fence were barely visible. Mr. Crawford said that 
on the other side of this fence was a Slave Cemetery but there were no stones. 

	Euphemia A. Brown died April 9, 1863. 4 mo and 5 days. Though lost to sight to memory dear.
	Harriet L., wife of J.K. Estes died Aug. 10, 1879 Aged 30 yrs, 11 mo, 5 da.
	Elenora wife of C.W. Foxworthy born Feb. 22, 1846 died Jan. 11, 1887.
	Sarah E., Wife of James M. Hodge born Sept. 11, 1845 died (unreadable) 1866.
	Infant daughter of J.M. & S.E. Hodge born Mar. 10, 1866 died Mar. 11, 1866.
	Egbert P. husband of KizziaH Marlow born Dec. 27, 1804 died Jan. 8, 1865.
	(No stones found but known to be buried here):
		David L. Marlow, son of E.P. & K Marlow.
		George E. Marlow, son of E.P. & K. Marlow.
		Kizziah Rebecca Marlow died 1881.
	Ethel (no dates)
	Frederick 1819 - 1896
	Lunetta 1817 - 1904
	Daniel Miller born Sept. 29, 1804 died Sept. 9, 1883.
	Eliza A. wife of Daniel Miller July 24, 1823 - Sept 23, 1893.
	Homer E. son of R.?. and B. Miller born Dec 9, 1889 died Feb 16, 1905.
	In memory of Elizabeth Ponds was born Jan. 6th, 1841 (or 1811) and died Sept. 17, 1842.
	N.M.P. wife of J.C. Price died July 12, 1876 aged 23 years 9 mo 15 days.
	(double stone) Amos Richardson born Oct. 30, 1791 died May 10, 1875.
	Nancy Richardson born Feb. 7, 1798 died Apr. 18, 1864
	In memory of Benjamin F. Richardson born April 2, 1829 died Nov. 15, 1846.
	Clayton Richardson born Jan. 12, 1817 died Feb. ??, 1852.
	Jackson Richardson born Dec 22, 1822 died Nov 8, 1862.    
	James M. Richardson born Feb. 25, 1841 died Nov. 27, 1862. 
	Zunie L. Richardson daughter of A. & Carrie Richardson. Born Apr 22, 1873 Died Aug. 29, 1873. 4 mo 7 days.
	Infant son of J.M. and May Swink born Dec. 31, 1902 died Jan. 1, 1903.

Amos & Nancy Richardson's, headstone

The condition of this final resting place is very sad.


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